Gefühle im Business – darf das sein?

Der erste Impuls, wenn insbesondere negative Gefühle sich bemerkbar machen, ist „ich will das weg haben“, „das passt jetzt nicht“ oder vielleicht sogar „das gehört sich nicht“! Erkennst Du Dich wieder? Gerade Wut scheint im

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Ich arbeite anders.

In meinen Coachings kommuniziere ich mit der geistigen Welt meines Klienten. Auch in meinen Business-Coachings gebe ich dieser Ebene bewusst Raum. Den so gibt die höchste Weisheit eines Menschen die Richtung vor.Das ist oft etwas

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The eye of the hurricane

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege and honor to have a one-on-one session with Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, an indigenous elder and shaman from Greenland.I bathed in his presence and we talked about the alignment

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Dorthe und Schwester auf ihrem letzten gemeinsamen Fest

Nutze den Tod für Dein Leben

Heute vor einem Jahr starb meine geliebte Schwester. Der wichtigste Mensch in meinem Leben. Seit ihrer Diagnose war ich überzeugt davon, dass mit ihr die Freude in meinem Leben gehen würde. Doch das Gegenteil ist

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Spirituality in the workplace (SWP) – the effect of demographics on the relationship among spirituality, attitudes, and behavior at work

  • Work attitudes – here: job satisfaction, job involvement, organizational commitment
  • Behavior at work – here: organizational citizenship behavior (altruism, conscientiousness, sportsmanship, courtesy, civic virtue)
  • 78-item survey with forced-choice and open-ended questions
  • 350 completed surveys


  • Spirituality in the workplace has a positive effect on work attitudes.
  • Spirituality in the workplace has a positive effect on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB)
  • Work attitudes and OCB are interrelated –> one will increase the other
  • Contribution of a definition to the discipline: “Spirituality in the workplace is a dynamic process that allows individuals to align their personal values with organizational values through the intimate connection to one’s life force. This way of being supports joy and passion at work, a feeling of fulfillment, connectedness, and belonging, and the constant flow of life connecting to one’s meaning and purpose.”
  • SWP can easily be put into practice (silence before meetings, prayers, support of employees to take time for spiritual performance, teach meditation, ZEN gardens; events should be organized by employees)
  • Nurture SWP to lessen threat of stress and burnout

Findings in open ended questions (meaning from the participants, answers in descending order):

a) What does spirituality mean to you?

  1. Force/presence greater than ourselves,
  2. sense of community,
  3. meaning/purpose,
  4. living out a set of deeply held personal values
b) How do you demonstrate SPW?

  1. Sense of community, living out a set of deeply held personal values,
  2. force/presence greater than ourselves,
  3. meaning/purpose

c) How does your spiritual life impact your attitudes and behavior at work?

  1. Altruism/helping,
  2. job involvement,
  3. job satisfaction,
  4. reducing stress and problems

d) When you work with individuals with the same spiritual beliefs, how does the collective spirituality impact the quality of work, relationships, and attitudes?

  1. Positive work unit values,
  2. sense of community,
  3. performance

e) How do you know that your attitudes and behaviors at work are in alignment? What role does spirituality play?

  1. Self-reflection,
  2. feedback,
  3. flow